How to Make Your Dentures Fit Properly

How to Make Your Dentures Fit Properly

make dentures fitHere you are at an important dinner and your dentures start moving around. This is a situation that can be just as embarrassing as it is uncomfortable.

Making your dentures fit well can be a trying experience, but it doesn’t have to be. There isn’t any reason why your dentures shouldn’t always fit well. The key to getting a comfortable fit lies in using the right products and making timely visits to your dentist.

There are all kinds of things that can make your dentures fit properly. But besides using these, you’ll also need to make regular visits to your dentist. At each of these visits your dentist will check to make sure they fit properly and don’t change as result of gum and jaw shrinkage over time.

Issues that Can Occur

When you wear dentures it’s very important that you keep your mouth and dentures clean. It’s important that they fit properly. Otherwise, you could have the following types of problem:

  • Mouth irritation.
  • Gum irritation.
  • Problems speaking clearly.
  • Problems eating.
  • Dentures that move around in your mouth.

New Denture Discomfort

It’s natural that you feel some discomfort when your dentures are new. You may feel like you you can’t speak well, and that it is hard to say certain words. You need to be patient and even practice saying some words. If your dentures seem to move around, bite down and swallow saliva to put them back in place. Take small bites, and eat soft foods in the beginning. Use both sides of your mouth to chew. This prevents your dentures from moving.

The Use of Denture Creams

If you continue to experience discomfort, even after visiting your dentist, you can use denture creams to help them fit properly. At first, expect to feel some discomfort, especially if dentures are new to you. After continual use, you’ll notice that your dentures feel better and more comfortable over time. You’ll also notice that they start feeling natural.


Over time, gums and bones can change and this causes your dentures to stop fitting well. If you can’t seem to get used to wearing your dentures, visit your dentist again so he can make a new impression of your mouth and  re-adjust your dentures. Most of all regular check ups are still important for the best fit of your dentures, and the care you take to maintain them may prevent other kinds of mouth disease.